4 Hands and 2 Hearts



Michaela : Artistic visionary 
Conrad: Public Relations 


It all started when Conrad bought his first cigar case. Although he tried to hide his
disappointment, I knew my husband too well, and I could see that he didn’t get what he was expecting. Having ordered the case online, Conrad was making his decision based only on the pictures that he ha
d seen. As he held his new cigar case in his hands, turning it around and inspecting it from every angle, he realised that what he had received was simply not up to the standard on which he had been sold. He felt like he had been duped, convinced that he was buying one thing when he was really receiving another thing entirely.

So, what could he do? Companies pass off their second-rate wares as first-rate all the time. They claim to care about manufacturing and quality and then outsource their entire production line to China. When you are dealing with something like a cigar case, secondrate workmanship simply will not do. You need the best, something that you can hold onto for a long time, something that you can hold up with pride, something that you can be happy to have received. You need something that matches the pictures upon which you base your decision, right?

We think so. At Zager & Co, we are committed to fine traditional leather work. Founded by Michaela and Conrad, who were inspired by Conrad’s poor experience buying a cigar case online. We are producing top-quality leather cigar cases that we both design and craft ourselves.

It took 1 long year of trials and fails, but when we were finally holding the first Zager & Co cigar case, we felt It was all we’d imagined it would be. - Both Functional and Elegant, yet wee bit edgy reminding me the streets of Havana Vieja.

When you come to Zager & Co, you can be sure that nothing will ever be outsourced from China. We do all our work right in Australia, from the planning to the production and distribution.

A great cigar case calls to mind the spirit of Cuba, evoking the classical values and principles that have influenced cigar rollers and collectors for many years now. Zager & Co seeks to embody these values and principles, one cigar case at a time.

A Zager & Co cigar case is more than just a cigar case: it is a journey through time and space. Once holding our cigar bag, we want you to travel in time. To those times when traditional craftsmanship and high quality materials were valued. To the times when people created things to last… This is our vision !

We envision the Zager & Co brand becoming a brand that people couple in their minds with quality. Craftsmanship and dedication: these are the central tenets of Zager & Co !



Few interesting facts about us:                                                                          

Both Michaela and Conrad are art and music enthusiasts who prize classical style and elegance above all else.

Michaela earned her Master of Arts, and since graduating, she has gone on to work in pottery, jewellery, and leather work.
Conrad is an ex-dentist and a skydiver whose background is Brazilian. Blond-haired and green-eyed, he has a striking appearance

How to recognise us if you ever meet us in Cuban bar :
Conrad: likely to be sitting quietly with a drink and a cigar. Although quiet by
nature, he is very friendly and a gifted conversationalist.
Michaela: look for the woman who is dancing the night away song after song after song.